Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bilko's bloggings-- itchy itchy!

Hi all, mom finally gave me the computer again!
So she wrote earlier about my alergies--I think that's what they're called-- that make me all itchy and I hate it. I have white spots where my fur is thin from my scratching. I hate it! Mom's been giving me these pill-things that she sneaks in to my food, but since I can't taste them since I'm so focused on the food I don't care, and they help, but they make me really thirsty and have to do my business a lot. I really don't like that, because I know it's making things harder for mom since she has to take me out a lot more often. She called the Vet here in the town where we go to school, and they said the only thing they can do is give me the pills or a shot that would do the same thing. Mom's not sure she believes them, but she doesn't know what else to do. She's been giving me half the pill though, so it's not near as bad as it could be.

Any ideas anybody? I hate being itchy and hate being a burden to my mom! She says I'm not and she doesn't mind doing it because she loves me, but I can't help feeling bad! I love you mommy! You let me off harness between classes after you typed on the computer and everybody else scratched with the stick-things and nobody talked for a long time, and I had fun!
Well, mom needs the computer back, so talk to yall later!
Sargent Bilko

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