Saturday, October 15, 2011

P-Burg Day 1

From September 28, 2011Field placement!
I got to the school and signed in, then Mr. P came down and walked with me to his room since I didn't know where it was. There was a new Para Professional for a student with Autism that was starting today too.
Dayly Schedule:
9:10-9:40: 3 third graders Cody, Jordan, Chad, come to work on spelling and reading. 2 with IEP's one struggling reader (Cody.)
9:40-10:10: 4 students LLI, first graders, Luke D, Ryan, Michael, Dylan, reading (high energy.)
10:10-10:40: (typically) Lukas R, semi-verbal autism, reading.
10:40-11:10: Break.
11:15-12-10: Mason, 4th grader, significantly below grade level (1st grade), working on reading, spelling, science social studies (when needed.) Also Jacob, third grade, reading and writing.
1:15-1:45: Mason again, math.
1:45-2:15: 3rd grade reading group: Ben, Ben K, Justin, (J-Monkey.)
Rest of day no real schedule.
I worked with Jacob and Mason, one on spelling and one Jacob read to me from a book. It was really fun. Jacob is really pretty fluent at reading, but Mason has trouble. He's at a first grade reading level in 4th grade.
I really enjoyed working of the Bens and Justin. They have comprehention problems, and Mr. P thinks they'd be a good group to work with for my lessons for Phonics and/or Content Literacy.
(P.S. I am finally giving up on not using first names. They can't be traced by that so it works)

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