Wednesday, October 19, 2011

P-Burg Day 4

from Wednesday, October 19, 2011 (Unedited and written between students and on breaks)
Ok, so today hasn't started out so hot. I came into the school only to be told what I gave her for my fingerprints wasn't what she needed. I gave her a copy that I scanned, but she wouldn't accept it at the main office. Do they need the actual fingerprints? I'm confused. I hope they don't, because all I have is the copy. What the heck? I'm not even sure I have the regular one anymore since I made a copy. God, please let me find it to get it in or them be ok with what I have! I'm honestly praying that is what will happens. Luke came in today and his aid had given him stickers for something, so Mr. P had him read some of them aloud. Luke said, "We're not reading aloud." Then we tried to get him to say, "good morning Miss Karg," which he did after some prompting. He won't say "Bilko," he just calls him, "dog." Grace (the new girl), came in after awhile and it's really interesting to see how the Para's work with them. They had them do calendar with this fun little song and a pointer. Luke sang it, (he repeated words, but he got through it and knew what he was doing.) Grace is so cute! She kept saying "good job."

With the first group of third graders, we read there story (Goldilocks andThe Three Bears), and Mr. Pevoar had them read it like a play. One was the narrator, one was mama bear (me), one baby bear, one papa bear, and one Goldilocks. Since Still was there we had enough people to have one person per part. We did some spelling, and most of them his trouble sounding things out. They are working on 3-letter consonant blends, like the s-p-r in spread or s-t-r in string. They have trouble with them.

I worked with the first graders and decided that they would be a good group to do a lesson with on short vowel sounds. Here's my idea: Do short vowel sounds. Try to get shower curtain (literally a curtain with pockets for letters), from Patti, (my phonics teacher), and get short vowel cards. Put them on the board and pick words with short vowel sounds and have the students jump to the letter of the short vowel sound they hear. They'd love it, since they are so hyper and active. I worked with them alone today after reading through the story for a couple times. We read through it, but they were really squirmy and I kept having to stop them and make them focus.

Lukas R said today when I asked him from he was on page 10, "yes." He also said, when he first came in and I asked him how he was, "good." I've never heard him do that before, (I don't think.) I love listening to Mrs. K work with Luke S. Its really interesting. They worked on time, and he's only in first grade, but he can tell you the time when asked. You can pick different books that are read-aloud (jaws type voice), you can put any topic you want. You have to be careful though, because anybody can upload books on to it.

Mason's schedule was changed, so I worked with Jacob on his spelling worksheet, and reading his story. I haven't really worked with him before, but he's really quiet and sweet.

Mr. Pevoar ordered us a pizza today! He left to go pick it up, which I was confused about because I thought he was having it delivered. I forgot to tell him I don't like mushrooms, but I mentioned not liking peppers, and he got cheese. I had 4 pieces, (In my defense, they were thin-crust and I hadn't eaten breakfast!)

It was freezing in that classroom today, because the furnace won't kick on yet or something. I'm not sure when it will, but I'm wearing a long-sleeved sweater and jacket for awhile. Mr. P worked with Grace for awhile on math. For some reason she has this thing with saying random stoff like, "pickle face." I randomly heard Mr. Pevoar call her "pickle toes," and I couldn't help quietly laughing. She's soooo cute! They (Mr. P and Grace's aid), were "arguing" over wether or not she knows she's cute. "Either way she's cute," I called from across the room. We were the only ones in the room at the time.

Mason worked on patterns in math. There were blanks such as --- --- 53 59 --- 71. answer: 41 47 53 59 63 71. add 6.

I read the third grade story and had them alternate reading ever coupbbe pages, then we got out the cards and did cause and effect and fact/oppinion questions. I should have gotten some wrong. I didn't though, because they always had me chose before they did for the most part. We all kept tyeing.
I love my students!

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