Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween adventuresHalloween Adventures

October 30, 2011
I came home this weekend, because everyone else was doing something (Sara and Mike were going to Columbus to the OSU game), and I didn't want to stay in BG. My cousin picked me up on her way home, and all of us went to the football game to watch Walker play. Finally! They won!
Saturday, mom and I went to Marian to the Verison store so she could get her phone connesg, since she washed her new one four days after she got it and had a loner until now. While we were there, I wanted to look at the IPhone 4S. Mom said she had doubts about whether or not I could use it, but she would get me one, (I'm still on her plan), if I could. I can't really use the data plan I have now, because my phone doesn't work well with the internet, so its kind of a waste of money. The IPhone also has color identifiers you can get, GPS aps, OCR aps, bar code readers and more that would make life sooo much simpler for me. I wouldn't have to ask my roommates to read the direction to not a box anymore if the bar code reader does what I think it will.
Mom and I got Chipotle on the way home. Yum! When we got home I read my Bible for awhile and ended up reading the rest of 1 Samuel instead of studying for Weather and Climate like I'd planned. Oops! O well, maybe God . help me remember that information, because I did read my Bible instead of study. I have until Thursday so hopefully I'll understand it all by then. I also looked at IPhone demos and info about Voice Over.
Around 5, mom took oe and Bilko over to Grandma's, because all the little kids were getting dressed to go trick-or-treating. All but my cousin's youngest, who's only a year on Friday. One was Spider man, one a Vampire, and one a rupunsel (without the long haq because she didn't have a wig.) They were all so cute! I passed out candy and it was fun. At first not many kids came by, but we figured that that they couldn't tell the porch light was on, so I ended up having to sit outside. I brought Bilko to sit beside me and he loved all the attention. One little boy just wanted to sit and pet him.

We did have an insident when my uncle set one of my little cousins out beside me and didn't tell me. I couldn't figure out why he was still there when the kids had left. Keep in mind I don't see this kid much at all. Maybe a couple times a year since I'm never home, so I don't know his voice at all. I told him to hurry or he'd lose his friends, so he ran after them, and then my uncle came out and asked where he was. I felt so stupid and horrible, but at the same time angry when I found out that my uncle was the one who sent him and but didn't tell me he was there. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea. If I'd known he was there that wouldn't have happened! Arg! O well. The wasn't anything I could have done differently really. It was a combination of so many kids and not knowing his voice and my uncle not telling me. I'm sure it'll be funny in a few years when I'm not still so mad about it happening. I think it affected me the most because I'm going to be a teacher, so I felt respensible.
The same kid though can be a little pistil. He apparently doesn't know how to share. He even took toys from the one-year-old! I was playing with him with a race track thing, and then he ran away, and my other little cousin came up and she and I were playing. Then he came back and took one of the cars. "I want to play!" he said. I scolded him and told him he had to ask nicely, and then he did. His mom is much better than she used to be about disciplining him though. He obviously wasn't that mad at me though, because he joined the other kids in, "shooting," me while I gave the older girl, (3-years-old), a "piggy-back" and a "horsey" ride. I love little kids! :)

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