Thursday, February 11, 2010


(for screen readers, that title is "confusion" with the C and F capatilized... you'll get it later)

ok... So do you ever have something that you loved to do, but then you were required to do it for some reason, and then you didn't want to do it as much anymore?
Well, that's what's happening to me, and I feel horrible, because its bible study! I've been going to this non-denominational church on campus since last semester off and on. Its really cool! We have cermons that relate to college life and issues we're having as college students believing in Christ and all that, and the songs rock! Guitars make everything more fun! lol
Anyways... back on topic... We have bible studies every thursday night called "Fusion" groups. I didn't go every thursday last semester, but it was always fun when I did, and I loved it. I joined this other related church group called "The Well." It helps us better relate to Christ and really realize what exactly being a Christian means, and how we can act out faith... at least that's what I've got so far lol. We are required to do sertain things for the well, and one of these is to go to Fusion on Thursdays. I don't think they'd do anything if we didn't, but they want us too. Now I feel like I have to go, because of the Well, and I don't know if I'm going because I want to go or I feel obligated to go. Tonight I wanted to just hang out and read peoples blogs lol, but I went, and enjoyed it. We sang some songs that I'll link to if I can figure out how, and if anybody's interested.
I just hate feeling obligated to do something I would do anyway, because I feel like I may be doing it for the wrong reasons... does this even make sense?


Ro said...

Makes perfect sense. It's like, wait, am I acting on my free will here? Hmmm. I don't want to go. That's my will. I'd rather stay home and read blogs. But, maybe it's God's will that I go, so now this well thing is kinda making me go, so maybe that's God's way of saying, hey you should go. So you go and enjoy it. Ah ha! ;)

Jen and Bil said...

lol Yeah! :)