Friday, February 12, 2010

Bilko and surprise party :)

So, I have no idea what... nevermind... I was gonna say I don't really know what to write about, but right as I was starting the sentence, Bilko came up and started pawing me and nudging me with his head. I thought he just wanted attention, because he does that, so I got on the floor and petted him and talked to him. He just sat there. So I started trying to find a toy to play with him. I found his bone (he just came back over and nudged me again as I'm writing this), he didn't want the bone. He went over and stood by his food and water dishes. 'O! Duh! He wants water!' I was out of water in the jug with the little spicket I use for him here in the dorms. I got the jug and went to the laundry room down the hall to refill it. As soon as I walked in the door he was looking at the jug like "mom! Water? Please! I'm thirsty!" You'd think he never got water! I told him to wait and filled his bowl. He was happy after he got his water lol... O wow I just realized how dumb this post is lol!

I don't have classes on fridays, so I did lots of laundry and cleaning my room today, which meant Billy didn't get to do much haha. He was getting bored, so I was glad when my friend Sara called and said to meet her at the "Union" and we'd go shopping. We're putting on a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend next Friday, and she wanted to get stuff to make lasagna. We picked up our other friend, Meagan, who is also rooming with us and Mike (the guy we're throwing the party for), next fall. We went to Croger. Sara had told Mike we were going to Walmart to get his present. We had fun trying to find everything we needed (especially since I'm blind and Meagan's visually impaired so it mostly was Sara who had to find things unless Meagan stuck them right up to her face lol) We eventually found everything we needed, and headed back to campus.
Bilko was doing really good except he kept sniffing everybody that walked past. (darn social dog!)
While we were in the store Mike texted Sara to ask where she was (he'd let us use his car) and she forgot she was supposed to be at walmart and said "Croger." We made up this lame excuse that Meagan had to get fruit and walmart's fruits suck so we went to Croger. I think he baught it... hopefully.

We used Meagan's food stamps since Mike said Sara couldn't spend more than $40 from cash or meal plan... he didn't mention foodstamps! :D He said that I could spend like $5 lol... gonna spend more than that on meal plan but shhh! He's gonna kill us when he finds out that we're making Lasagna, ordering a fruit tray, cheese tray, and veggie tray, and making his families secret recipe for cake. He taught Sara how to make it. We're also inviting around 10 to 15 people to the party. This is gonna be awesome! :)
Well that's all I got for now.
Jen and Bil

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Megan and Pasta said...

The wonderful thing about tiggers! Hahaha, sorry. Sounds like it'll be a fun party. Hope he doesn't read your blog! You'd be busted!