Thursday, February 11, 2010

testing links

So I just saw a comment from RO and am now trying links lol
Here's one of the songs we sang tonight.

... ok so when I pushed the link grafic it didn't do anything but bleep at me... what the heck? Ah well I'll keep playing


Anonymous said...

There is no link dear on this blog.

Ro said...

Oooooh. I wonder if Jaws doesn't like it? You tried selecting the "insert link image"? Hmmm. Ok I'm gonna leave this window up to remind me to dig up the html code. You might have to manually enter it.

Ro said...

Ok, so here is the code you use to enter a web page. I'm not sure how Jaws looks at each character, so if you need help, let me know. I just did a link to Google for the example. If you put in the http where it shows here, and enter in whatever text between the symbols, that text will appear as a link. Oh I just realized when I paste this it might just do the link. So I'll try spacing out the code underneet it. Html code uses no spaces though, so when you do whatever you do in Jaws to look at the code, be sure to omit the spaces I'll include so that it actually puts the code here. Actually I'm going to insert something to keep it from posting the actual link hmmm. Ok I'm gonna put in a dash here and there, so you'll just need to delete the dash. Is this making any sense? Haha!

href="">Google Home<-/a>

Ok let me see if that works. At the start of the code, there is a greater than symbol, a lower case a, and then a less than symbol. I put a hyphen in there to disable to code. Delete that hyphen in that code. Same at the end. There is a less than symbol, a backslash, leave the backslash in because that signifies the end of the html. Delete the hyphen though. Leave the lower case a and the less than symbol. Then your link should appear like this:

Google Home

Ok, I'll publish this and see if it worked.

Ro said...

Ok that worked the way I wanted it. If you can copy that whole line of code and paste it into a document you can save, then go in and delete the two hyphens I inserted at the beginning and end of the code, then you'll have your code. Be sure to enter the code just like it's there, deleting the hyphens I included, with no spaces between symboles. Insert your http address by just copying the URL in the address bar. Put it right where it shows in this example with google. Then where I typed Google home, you can type, here is the song. Or whtever you want to appeare as a link.

This is all of course if your insert link thing doesn't work with Jaws.

Did this help at all?

Ro said...

Ah wait I screwed it up. Here is the code with the hyphens, delete the hypens from this code and save it. I screwed up the other one.

<-a href="">Google Home

Ok, I put the hypehn in the very beginning next to the less than sign, and at the end between the a and the greater than sign. Delete those hyphens and there's your code.

I'll be amazed if I made any sense hahaha!