Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, Snow Go away!

Unless classes are gonna be canceled for tomorrow!
Ok, so of course there has been talk of the "Blizard of 2010" lately, and everybody's been flipping out. Some teachers canceled classes (which I found out there not supposed to do without permission from the university) yesterday, but none of mine did. Granted I only had 2 classes today, but one was clear across campus (and this campus isn't small) in the music building (aka CMA.) I had not left my dorm much except to relieve Bilko, and I noticed that the sidewalks wern't really cleared yet. Well, my first class was in my dorm building which was awesome! Then I was debating on even trying to get to the CMA since its been snowing like mad all day. The busses were still running, so I decided to go for it and take the bus. If the bus wasn't running I wouldn't even have bothered attempting it! So I went out and tried to take my normal rout to the bus stop, but the sidewalks were completely covered still! This was at like 3 this afternoon! Arg! I hate stupid people! A lady that knows me directed me to a different rout that I'd done before but hate because it involves getting through this parking lot that Bilko and I always end up wandering around in... It happened again, and someone directed me out of it. Then the cleaning lady that'd helped me before came running up and insisted on helping me get to the bus stop. She tried to grab me, and I said "no, my dog will guide me thanks." I absolutely hate people grabbing or pushing me! She made sure I was going in the right direction and walked away. I told Bilko to "find the bus stop" and we were fine. When the bus finally came, we got on, and a few minutes later I heard on the radio that all classes were canceled after 5:00 pm tonight. My jazz choir rehearsal ended at 4:30, so I didn't think It'd be canceled, and I was already on the bus anyway. I got to the CMA and the bus driver made sure I got across the street with the huge piles of snow (nice, but I'd've been fine without her lol) the sidewalk was much clearer than the ones by my dorm, and we made it to the building and when we got to the classroom... "Hi Jenna. We're canceling class." my director.
Arg! You've got to be kidding me! I should've not even bothered coming! O well... A friend from the group gave me a ride back to the dorm so I didn't have to wait for the bus, and when I got back I realized everyone was packing up on food for the next day lol.

I'm really hoping it either snows a lot tonight so classes are canceled tomorrow, or melts. I have an O and M (orientation and Mobility) lesson tomorrow, and I want to go walk around the neighborhood near my apartment complex for next year to see what's there, but I don't think walking in feet of snow will do anybody any good... especially since I'll be using my cane to get the layout of things. I hate that thing! i'll use it when I have to, but no more!
Ok now I'm going to do homework. Hopefully my future posts will be more entertaining than this one. Ta-Ta for Now


Ro said...

Hey, I don't say my name on Blogger, but it's the girl going to get Insert on Monday :)

I tried commenting on your first post, but the captcha got me. I'm trying again. You can remove the word verification in the comments section in settings. I have mine set to comment moderation.

Welcome to the addiction!

Jen and Bil said...

lol hi Ro! Yeah I read your blog :) Hey how do you link to blogs and sites? O and change the time so it actually says when I posted it? lol

Ro said...

I'm not sure about the time thing, but I know it's in settings. I played around a lot in settings to teach myself stuff.

To post a link, highlight your text that you want to be the link, then go up to wear it says "insert link, image". Click that and a window pops up. Paste your link there and hit ok. Make sure it's got the http in the address. When you listen to the message after that, you'll hear the html code. It takes some practice. Just play with stuff. I think I had posts where I just played with stuff.

I always open up the page I want to link to, and the copy the address right from the address bar, that way I know it's in the right format.