Sunday, February 21, 2010

home again and Silly dogs

Ok, so I'm home at the moment sitting in our den. I came home yesterday morning because my brother (Walker) had a concert last night. He was in the honors band for the middle schools in our district. We went to the concert after hanging out at home and helping watch my cousin's year old daughter. She's sooo cute! At one point she was getting fussy because she was tired, and was just crying no matter what. Once she was walking around and crying and I heard her going toward the stairs so I ran over and grabbed her. (we don't have a baby gate so we just have to watch her.) That's the only good thiing about her crying was I could tell where she was lol!
The concert was good. I liked the songs, and one of Walker's friends sang a solo in the choir so that was cool. O and they had a surprise song and it was "Sing Sing Sing!" (go to my earlier post if you want to listen to a version of it... I'm to lazy to link to it right now haha.) I was excited lol. O and one of the songs I heard bass claranettes! I don't remember there being bass claranettes in middle school, but I guess there are. they sounded like Contra basses... IDK.

So this morning at 7:30 I was woken up by my grandma's dog, Ebony, coming in my room. She is staying with us for a week while grandma is in Florida, (Lucky!) Well Ebony came in and got Bilko up andd they went out and started running around the living room. Grumbling, I got up to get Bilko so when Hope (standard poodle) started barking everyone else wouldn't be woken up. Mostly Walker because everyone else was awake. I brought Bilko in my room again and closed the door. I layed back down, but sombody kept nosing me and pawing me. Fine. I'm up! I'm up!
I took Bilko out and fed him, then went back to bed. A few minutes later my dad came in and had all the dogs (Bilko, Ebony, and Hope) get up on my bed and lay down. He then went and got the camera and took a picture. I bet its cute, and if I can get the picture on my computer I'll try and load it on here. We then got all of them on my brother's bed and took a picture. I was cold, so I went back to lay down in my nice warm bed. I'd given up on sleep by now haha! My brother came in and Bilko climbed back up on my bed and Walker took tons of random pictures of God only know what and saved them on my phone. Great... Waste of memory. O well...

Well gotta get ready for church here soon. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. :)
(Meagan, Gonna link to that soon, to lazy now)

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