Friday, February 19, 2010

party and drama :)

Ok, so I'm tired, and really need to finish my english paper, but I thought I'd write this first.
Mikes party was a success :)
We were unsure if we could pull it off, because Sara's been sick all week, and her phone broke the other day, so we had to text or call on Mike's phone when he wasn't around to make sure we knew what was going on. Today I thought she was coming around 11 to my dorm to start cooking since it was lasagna and neither of us had made it before. 11 came and went and she wasn't here. I tried texting Mike's phone "Happy birthday Mike! :)... and if sara still has the phone, tell him for me." Mike had the phone. Crap!
I decided to do laundry while I waited (still need to put that away lol), and she finally knocked on my door around 12:30. We had to run to the little grocery store right next door to my dorm on campus to get last minute supplies, and grab ourselves something to eat since neither of us had eaten yet. We checked out the kitchen key and started cooking.
We made "dill dip" Yum veggie dip! When we tried it though it tasted more like cream cheese and mayonase (yes I know I spelled that way wrong... hush! :)
We decided to add more Dill Weed, and vwahla! It tasted nearly perfect! Note to self... when making dill dip, add extra dill.
We then started the Lasagna, but half way through browning the meat Sara realized we didn't have shredded matzarella or parmasan cheese. (seriously! How do you spell these things? lol)
So Sara took over the browning from me, and I ran to commons (the grocery store) and got the cheeses plus plates and cups. On my way back, since I'd ran in to Mike on the first floor earlier when taking Bilko out, I was listening for his voice and ready to hide the food (don't ask how) if he came buy. Walking down the hall-- almost to the kitchen...

"Hi Jenna!"
"Hi Mike."
"Is Sara still with you?"
"wasn't Sara gonna hang out with you?"
"O yeah, I think she went back to Harshman."
"aww! Seriously?"
"I think so."

I couldn't hide the bag at this point, so I decided to pretend I'd missed the stairs I needed to go up to my room and go back until he was gone so I could sneak to the kitchen. Then his parents said something about how nice our apartment was going to be next year while I was trying to walk away. Arg! So I stood there and talked to them until a couple girls came up and started talking to me. I didn't know it at first, but they were friends of Sara and Mike. I'd met them before, but didn't recognize them. Then one of them asked if she could take the bag to the kitchen and Mike and his parents had walked away, so we finally got to the kitchen.
I'd just sent Mike all the way across campus looking for Sara, hoping this would give us time to finish cooking. He got to Harshmen like 15 minutes later and texted me (Sara's phone is still broke remember)
"Hey I thought you said Sara was going to Harshman?"
"I thought she did, but she might have went back to work... I think she left something there."
A few minutes later Sara told me to text him that she was back at Kohl (my dorm) and to meet us there. He called and told Sara he was at Harshman but would come to Kohl.
By the time he got back the Lasagna was almost done and Sara was working on the cake. She was using Mike's family's secret recipe for caromel icing that he'd made so much around her she memorized it... and hacked his facebook (his password is stored on his computer.)
It all turned out wonderful!
They have a lot of veggies and cheese left over though. The veggie tray was weird! It was carots, cucumbers, celery, and green peppers. Where was the Coliflower and broccoli? O and it was thanks to Meagan the lasagna got done because she brought the Tomato paste! lol
Over all it was great and we all had fun hanging with friends and for meagan and I making new ones. :)

Now english paper time. :( Bleh!
Jenna and Bilko

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Megan and Pasta said...

Yay! Glad it went so well. Hee hee, you should use this as your sign out, have the TTFN all the time, and link it to that little 5 second video I found of Tigger. Hahaha! It could be your signature!