Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow and shrimp

Ok, so I know this doesn't make sense... I just needed a title lol. It has finally stopped snowing for now, and the sidewalks are at least somewhat usable... I still had some trouble because Bilko was confused but at least I knew I was on a sidewalk. I don't have class until 4:30 today, and hopefully that'll be canceled. My 6-9 women's studies class was. I was excited about that because I wasn't planning on going anyway in this weather lol.

I did laundry this morning, and really think I'll check out those sheets RO uses... (anyone know how to link to other blogs/sites?) they sound really easy to use and convenient. Much better than the powder I'm using now.

Since we all had class canceled for tonight, my future roommies and I are gonna make Garlic-shrimp pasta! yum! :) I could probably post the recipe if anyones interested... I think its just speghetti with shrimp and garlic but IDK for sure.
TTFN (Ta-ta for now)
Jen and Bil


Anonymous said...

OO, sounds nice. YUM!

Jen and Bil said...

lol it was goood! :)