Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friends and memories

Ok, so I'm not gonna lie. Reading Mandi's blog got me inspired to write this, but I've been thinking it a lot recently anyway so here's the motivation I needed to write it lol.

You know those friends that when your little you talk about going to the same college or living next door with your families and all that? Well I had a very good friend in Elementry that I thought the friendship would last forever. She was my closest friend from third grade till middle school. In middle school we still hung out some, but we didn't have every class together so it was hard. I remember a time... I think it was middleschool or early high school, when i was at a basketball game. My parents saw Alex and I wanted to go sit with her in the students section. I did, and I thought it'd be just like old times where she'd tell me what was going on in the game and we'd laugh at the players. I was wrong. She hardly talked to me at all! She was laughing and joking with other kids around me and ignoring me! Then when half time rolled around she left me alone in the stands! I don't remember if I cried or not, but I might have. Someone came and sat with me. I don't remember who but I think it was an adult. I was soo mad at Alex! She said later that one of her other friends was really sad and needed her and that she didn't want to leave me but everyone was pressuring her and all this stuff. I think I knew then that we wern't going to stay friends. We still talked off and on, but our friendship was never the same. Now I have her number, but I don't think she has mine, and I feel like even if I did call her it'd be the most awkward conversation ever haha! I hate losing friends like that, but it happends, and I think God does that for a reason.
When I was in high school, I had friends I hung with all the time. My friends Sara and Brittani were the closest, and we did tons of stuff together. Sara and I were in band together, so we had lots of time to hang out, and Britt came over a lot and we talked on the phone for hours :)
I'd known Britt and her twin sister Chelsey for years... we went to this before school program together... but high school is when we really started becoming close. The problem was, all of my close friends were at least a year or 2 older than me. Needless to say, senior year sucked! I couldn't really make new friends by then. Cliques were set in stone, and I wasn't really close with anyone in my grade. I hated it! I hung out with a yunger student that was kind of a social outcast. She was/is nice and we get/got along, but we never went to each other's houses or anything like that. She kind of thinks of me as her big sister :)
She knows she can come to me with anything, but its hard to keep in touch when she's still in high school.

GDB... Ah GDB! I was soo excited! I wanted to make new friends and couldn't wait to meet everybody, but I was nervous too. I hadn't had to make new friends much lately, but figured I could do it ok. I met Mandi first, and was really excited! She liked drums like me and was really cool!We were on the same plane to San fransisco, and I thought we'd talk the whole ride, but we didn't. I would've talked to her, but I wasn't sure if she was sleeping or listening to music or something and didn't want to interupt her lol! I thought we'd become really good friendsright off at school, and we hung out, but I'm not sure why we didn't hang out more. I wish we would have. For some reason we didn't. She was probably the who was most like me or at least a lot like me haha!
I really miss all my friends from GDB. Carina: Awesome roomie! I'm glad she recently texted me her new number. :) Yes!
Kristina: All I can say about that is tons of laughter and stupid songs came from our conversations, but also some pretty deep stuff too. :)
Stephannie: I remember this one time sitting in Star Bucks drinking Mint-moca Frapiccinos and comparing american and canadian money haha! Then we knocked on the window to get Carina's attention cause she was walking up and she thought it was the door... oops!
Mandi: I remember one time sitting in her room talking about our home lives and finding out that they were pretty similar in some aspects, and we really did have a lot in common. O and playing with her phone. It was really nice to just sit and talk and not be interupted by instructors taking us on routs lol.I think she was the one that ratted me and Kristina out for puttingBalloons in Tony's shower though... Darn you Mandi! LOL JK JK! Shhh! I didn't just admit that we did that! :) Good times!
O and the TP-ing the instructors... and flexy leash! Wish you guys'd gotten me off the couch 5 feet away for that one! The movie could've waited lol! I'm still wondering exactly who tried to TP me... whoever it was did a pretty crappy job of it :P
Hugs Mandi!

Yeah, I really miss my GDB friends. Now that I'm at college, I have friends, but sometimes I still feel alone. I'm not usually invited to friends rooms (Well, recently Mike and Sara have invited me places but there gonna be my roomies next year and I've known Sara for ever, and Meagan), but last semester I hardly saw the so I didn't like that much..m. and this semester none of the people I sometimes hung with and I really do much together because of schedules so it really sucksThe ones I made that live in my dorm don't invite me anywhere though, so I don't know what to think of that. I've known Sara for years (Yes the Sara from earlier in this post, which shows that friendships can last.) So God has blessed me with someone who I can turn to,and I am extremely greatful.
I don't know why God brings some people more in to lives than others, but I'm soo greatful fore all the friends he's blessed me with over the years, and I really wanna get together with out-of-state friends like Mandi and Stephannie and Carina and Kristina this summer! Miss you all! Hugs!
Jenna and Bilko
(gosh this post was depressing and random and I don't think it even makes sense! Arg me an my swirling thoughts!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you know the crazy thing? lol
I thought you were busy eating and doing your own thing on the plane, so thats why I didn't say much. Because I thought you were busy. hahaha

Well, anyways, I never ratted you out, I honestly didn't know it was you, until the attendants came down to only two people left.

It wasn't me either who TP'd the rooms. That was a different person that I shant speak of, but I bet you know who it was. I just walked around with it and someone else. :P

Anyways, good post.

Jen and Bil said...

lol Yeah that was a major fail on our part! haha! Wow that's crazy about the plane. darn assumptions! :)