Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't know if this is good or bad.

I posted this to the list but its here to so anyone who didn't see it and coment or what ever can here too.
Ok… so I don’t know whether to be extatic or worried about this. Tonight I was just coming back from a night class, and I walked out of the building and said “Ok Bilko, lets go home.” Off we went. Bilko was extremely confident. He was practically running! Lol
I figured he’d take me to the steps to the education building like usual. “Bilko stairs’ I said when I thought we were close enough. We never found stairs, but I heard a building on my left. Ok… Where the heck is he so confident about leading me? I knew we were going in the right direction, so I wasn’t to worried, but when we found a down curb I heard a bus so stopped a girl to ask if I was on the right track. He’d lead me to the crossing near my dorm, on a completely different rout than normal, in the dark! Gosh dang my dog is friggin amazing!... All I said was “lets go home.” He didn’t take me the normal way, but we got there.
Now, is this good or not? What the frick just happened!?
My hearts still racing (Its like 8:50 I got back ten minutes ago.) I don't know if this is good or bad so any ideas would be appreciated!


Megan and Pasta said...

Definitely a good thing. Its freaky how amazing these guys are, huh? I know what you must have been feeling since Pasta did that, too, just a few months after I got her. I was all afraid I messed up since I didn't direct her at all. I was worried maybe I trusted her too much. But our field rep said it was awesome, and the GDB blog even published the story I wrote about it. So yeah, this is definitely a good thing! Good boy, Bilko! Woo hoo!

Jen and Bil said...

lol Yeah I thought it was awesome too, but it was still like um... where'd that rout come from? lol I was extatic and confused all at once haha! Yeah these dogs are absolutely amazing!