Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slightly pg13: my day

Ok so I wrote this on my BN (braille note) earlier before class, and decided it should be posted.
5:54 pm
Ok, so this is usually a G rated journal, but not right now! O shit! O shit shit shit! Dam!
I took an exam today, and for the first time, I had to turn it in myself. I didn't know where the health center was exactly, and I would have looked for it-- taken a bus to it and asked people on the way,-- but DSS said I could just take it to him during class. Ok, I figured I could bring it to the classroom and then go to my next class afterward. I took it to the classroom, it was after 5, but class ended at 5:45 usually, and he wasn't there! Everyone was done with the exam by then. O it didn't help that I got kinda lost on the way there... My campus has so many random sidewalks its crazy. 5:59 pm Heck yeah! I gave the test to a friend to run to the health center for me (I know, probably not the best idea, but I had class soon, and it was in like 2 sealed envelopes! O and she'd already taken the class), and she just called to say she found my teacher and gave it to him. Thank God for my froomie (future roomie) Sara! 8:33 pm Bla bla bla! Ok, so I'm sitting in women's Studies watching a mofie about breast implants, and how cylicone breast implants are possibly causing many illnesses. Arg! This is sooo stupid and boring! Hopefully it'll be over soon. I don't get why people would want this done anyway! Maybe that's because I believe if God'd wanted me to have big breasts I'd have them. LOL
One lady said she got them done to try to save a failing marriage. Seriously? If you have to get implants to save a marriage, that's a pretty shaatty marriage!
Class is till 9, but I think she said we'd get out a little early. Bla bla bla. *yawn*

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