Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day and thanks Meagan

So yesterday my boyfriend came over and we were gonna go see "Valentines Day" Good idea right? See the movie on the day? Well, all of BG seemed to have the same idea. Arg! It was sold out, and the other theators we were gonna try didn't have it showing till 6;:30 or 7 and I had to be at "The Well" at 8.
So that backfired... Then we tried to find "Fireproof" online. If you haven't seen it check it out! Its my new fav movie!
We youtubed it, but a lot of the posts we found weren't loud enough. We could hardly hear them talking. We finally found one that would play loud enough to hear and realized we didn't have time to watch it. :( We ended up going to a little restaurant here called "Paglyeyes" (aka Pollyeyes) and got there amazing stuffed breadsticks. I just had half of one for breakfast and it was gooood! lol

O and I'd also like to thank Meagan for getting the Tigger song stuck in my head! in this post
She linked to loads of "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" Stuff and now I'm walking around humming the tigger song! Aaaah! lol Gotta love Tigger!


Megan and Pasta said...

Hahaha. Gotta love Tigger! Sorry your Valentine's Day didn't go as well as you had hoped, but at least you got to hang out for awhile. TTFN. Sorry, couldn't help it.

Jen and Bil said...

:) Yeah my friend was making a Tigger in her art class and it spiraled from there! :) lol