Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy O and M!

Ok, so I have lots of stuff about yesterday to post, but I really wanted to get this O and M lesson up lol.

I just got back from the craziest O and M lesson of my life. Not bad, but crazy. I really didn’t want to do the lesson today because it was walking around my apartment for next fall and figuring out what’s around it, and its snowy and freezing out. Melyssa came and we decided to just take the car and drive around to get a feel of how far things were and where there weren’t sidewalks etc.
We drove the 10-ish blocks to the apartment complex, and realized that part of the street its on has no sidewalks. The north side does, but not the south, and the complex is on the south. I could walk around on the north side and wait for an all clear to cross over to the complex, but that could take awhile so I couldn’t be in a hurry lol. I might be able to do sidewalkless with Bilko walking along the left side of the rode, but I’m not sure how safe that would be…
We decided to try to walk to the complex from a couple blocks away, but we realized that the sidewalks were completely covered in snow. Seriously, we couldn’t even tell there was sidewalk! We crossed the street to the side where there was cleared sidewalk and that was better. The kind of scary part about that is there’s absolutely no boundry between the sidewalk and the street. Its sidewalk, white line, street. Bilko did wonderfully though :)
At one point, Melyssa took my ID cane that I always cary with me especially in the snow, and crossed back over to see if there was sidewalk on the other side (when there wasn’t any snow anyway lol.) She almost lost the tip of my cane in the mud, but she found sidewalk! Smile
We then took the car and drove around to see what stores and businesses were around, and found out that the nearest store is 2 blocks away so that’s not too bad. The thing is there’s no sidewalk on the south side of the street so I’d either have to cross to the other side or do sidewalkless. I am definitely gonna have Chuck from GDB come look at this this summer. We then tried to cross this intersection by the “South Side Six,” that was nearest to the apartments, and once I figured it out was good, but we were crossing it to go back to the car and Bilko, who was facing the correct direction initially, decided half way across the street he wanted to go to a driveway to the right. What the heck? I don’t know why he did that, but he’s usually good… maybe he was tired… IDK he was goin nuts. We’re both just glad to be back home in the warm dorms.
More later about yesterday. I should do homework. Bleh!

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