Saturday, February 13, 2010

Greatful for my guide ({)

So I just had to post about how much I love my dog. :)
I went out with some friends today. One is actually my O and M instructor lol. I met her and her husband at a camp for the Vblind/VI over the summer, and she ended up being my O and M instructor for college haha!
I have to say I have absolutely nothing against this school what-so-ever. . I actually considered it for getting a dog, but this guy's handling is not good! He lets people pet his dog in harness, which if the dog can handle it and not get distracted is ok, but this dog can't. The dog just randomly went over to say hi to some kids standing near us. He kept having to tell the dog to come repetedly. The dog also licked the floor... Ok its a dog, its gonna lick, but its discusting, and he didn't do anything about it. He also gave his dog icecream in harness! He can give his dog icecream if he wants, but I don't get why he'd keep him in harness to do it. Then the dog would try to get more icecream... he was watching mine lol. Bilko just layed by my side and looked around, but didn't try to say hi to anybody like the other dog did, and didn't lick the floor. I only had to correct him once for missing a curb, but it was right outside the door of DQ. The other dog tried to follow a stranger lol! O and this dog is 11, and Bilko behaved better than him. I love my boy!
I really like this guy and his wife, but yeah... his wife and I agree he doesn't handle his dog well. Yea Bilko! You rock!


Megan and Pasta said...

Good boy Bilko!

Anonymous said...

I think that mishandling a dog like that is totally disgusting! There's a difference between a dog's nature to lick and stuff like that, and plain, outright misbehaviour and inappropriate times and places for allowances of its nature.

I hope your dog stays very well-behaved for you!